NHS Age Discrimination: Elderly five times less likely to have a life-saving surgery




Older people with lung cancer are much less likely to be given life-saving surgery than the young, it has been revealed.

Those aged 75 or over were five times less likely to have an operation even if they were in good health and their cancer had not spread.

The research by Macmillan Cancer Support, with Monitor Deloitte and Public Health England, adds to mounting evidence of age discrimination in NHS treatment.

Experts say there are complex reasons why older patients may not receive surgery, including other serious health conditions or if the cancer has spread.

But Ciaran Devane, chief executive at Macmillan, said that isn’t the whole picture…. many older cancer patients’ treatment is chosen based on their age alone…

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As reported last year by the Express.co.uk, only14% of seniors over the age of 74 were offered chemotherapy post breast cancer surgery, a treatment that is standard for younger patients.

In nearly a third of 803 case studies, doctors decided on treatment without looking at the patient’s general fitness or knowing what type of breast cancer they had….


In the United States, seniors will be the sacrificial lambs in order to control costs under Obamacare.




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